Lead classes. Earn money.

Do what you love. 


Joyn is a community that’s changing people’s relationship with movement by starting with joy. It’s a website for finding group classes that look and feel different.

What is Joyn?

Your schedule. Your price.

Set a schedule that works for you, whether it's four times a week or once a month. Choose your price, max class size, location, and let us manage the rest!

Join the movement 

of movement.

We're moving on from the gym. Because our relationship was always about the wrong things: Reps and steps. Minutes and miles. Weights and weight.

At Joyn, we believe movement should be measured not by numbers but by how it makes us feel.

If you're for more inclusion, more passion, more bodies, more activities, and more communities finding joy in motion together, then let's talk.

From weekend walkers and novice boxers to swimmers, dancers, and ultra runners, Joyn leaders are as diverse as they are passionate. No matter their movement, our leaders are changing the face of fitness. Join us.

Lead the change you want to see.

Still have questions? Read our Leader FAQ here.

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